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About Us

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

Antareed Kitchen is a Malaysian food catering service provider based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, specialize in rice dishes especially Nasi Briyani and Asian food including Traditional Malay and Western. Our carefully selected menu are prepared to usher your prestigious occasion.

Our professional chef services and caterers are suitable for all occasions, from formal events, corporate retreats to cosy get-together and special events in your own home. For our dining pleasure the food are served in fine porcelain crockery with stainless cutlery and matching table decoration. Our crew of trained and experienced staff to make your event a memorable one.

Menu of the day


  • Lamb Shank Briyani
    Our Specialties Briyani Served with Lamb Shank, Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Lamb (Kambing) Briyani
    Served with Lamb (Kambing) Briyani, Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Prawn (Udang) Briyani
    Served with Prawn (Udang) Briyani, Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Fish (Ikan) Briyani
    Served with Fish (Ikan) Briyani, Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Chicken (Ayam) Briyani
    Served with Chicken (Ayam) Briyani, Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Red Sauce Chicken Briyani (Ayam Masak Merah)
    Served with Chicken cooken in red sauce (Ayam Merah) , Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Chicken Masala Briyani (Ayam masala)
    Served with Chicken Masala (Ayam Masala), Boiled Egg, Dalca, Pickle & Papadom.
  • Fish Head Curry
    New Menu – Set for 2,3 & 4

Hot & Cold Beverages

  • Teh O
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Teh ‘O’ Limau
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Kopi ‘O’
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Teh Tarik
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Teh Halia
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Kopi
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Nescafe
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Milo
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Neslo
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Kedondong Asam Boi
    Sejuk (Cold)
  • Epal Asam Boi
    Sejuk (Cold)
  • Oren
    Sejuk (Cold)
  • Tembikai
    Sejuk (Cold)
  • Carrot Susu
    Sejuk (Cold)
  • Durian Belanda
    Sejuk (Cold)
  • Sirap / Sirap Limau
    Panas / Sejuk (Hot / Cold)
  • Bandung Soda
    Sejuk (Cold)

Event & Catering

We cater all events: home parties, socials, fundraisers, luncheon or a tea party, wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate breakfasts, lunches and dinners , office parties, holiday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, baby showers, bridal/engagement parties, retirement parties, family dinners and virtually all other occasions.

If you are weary right after a rather long day’s work, or don’t have the time to cook an evening meal, contact us. We take delight in creating amazing food at affordable prices. No event is too large, or too small, to have…

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